Snow in Knoxville!

I love it that my very first post on my new blog comes just after the first snowfall of the season here in Knoxville.  Snow is so rare in this valley that when it actually sticks on the ground, you must jump into action to take advantage of it.  I didn’t want to sit inside all morning watching the wintery flakes fall just to see it disappear in a few hours.  So I decided to jump on my bike and take a ride around Knoxville for a little adventure. 

First off, I’ve got to tell you a little bit about my bike.  I absolutely love it!  It was a gift from my dad this past summer.  It’s a 1986 Western Flyer Centura.  You don’t see these bikes anymore since they’ve discontinued the brand.  I remember seeing my mom and sister ride this bike when I was a child, and now after a little fixing up I get to enjoy it!  I have thoroughly enjoyed riding the Knoxville greenways on it this past summer and fall.  And now it’s seen the first signs of winter!

rockin' the greenways!

yep, always gotta wear a helmet!

Riding in the cold with wind blowing in my face was a first for me, but it was definitely a lot of fun.  It felt really good to get outside.  If you know me even a little bit you know how much I love being outside.  I mean, I would live in a tent for 30% of the year if I had my way.  Cold weather limits your outdoor time, so I jump at the chance when I get to take adventures outdoors.  Well this particular adventure definitely delivered.  We rode by the docks just past Calhoun’s on the river, and I saw this particularly cool looking boat.  Some of you may have seen this before, but for some reason I just wanted to stop and take a look at it’s vintage-ness. I dig all things vintage.  It looks to me like something you’d see in a Bond movie.  I can just picture a villan perched on top complete with a martini and white cat.

that's Blake. he thought the boat was cool too.

 And of course, the snow began to melt quickly, but seeing just a sprinkling up on the ridge was still cool.

if you squint you can see the snow dusting

Someone once told me that the things you enjoy doing as adults were things you did when you were a kid.  I’m beginning to believe this more and more.  I mean who didn’t love the snow or riding your bike as a kid?  I just love it that you still get to be a kid, all giddy about the snow, even when you’re supposed to be all grown up.  There’s always time to be a kid no matter how old you are.


2 thoughts on “Snow in Knoxville!

  1. eric wyatt says:

    hey! ive got that same bike! one of the first things my wife and i got after we were married was a matching set of bikes.. just exactly like yours!

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