Social Media Launch for Pilot! Coffee anyone?

Hello world! As many of you know, I am the Social Media Marketing Manager for Pilot Travel Centers LLC, headquartered here in the lovely Knoxville, TN.  Well, after a little education and preparation time, we have now launched our first step into the social media world!  You can become a fan of our Facebook  page and receive a free hot beverage coupon good at any Pilot Travel Center or Pilot Food Mart location.  It was a very exciting day yesterday here at Pilot as I pressed the “publish” button for the page. My boss even took a picture he was so excited.

Lynsay pressing publish!

Me pressing "publish"! (Don't look at my messy desk)

We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff in store, and I’m so glad to be pressing forward. Those of you who have been in my office have seen the huge whiteboard wall that I have.  It looks a bit like “The Beautiful Mind” when you walk in with the 6 different Expo marker colors and arrows that seem to point in every direction.  Let’s just say that wall continues to get fuller and fuller as people are seeing the Facebook page and new ideas are sparking.  I love that about digital media!  When you see something, it jogs your creative thinking to come up with more ideas. 

I’m very excited about coffee being our number one conversation piece right now.  I wouldn’t be able to live without coffee, and Pilot’s coffee, especially the Dark Roast with French Vanilla creamer, is my favorite.  It really is the best on the interstate!  I know that when I’m traveling, I always try to keep tabs on where I am on the interstate in relation to the next Pilot.  I can always count on the coffee being fresh and consistent.  I’ve literally never had a bad cup.  It feels good to really love what you are talking about.  If you haven’t tried a cup, stop by your local Pilot and pick one up!  But first, become a fan on Facebook and get a free coupon!


2 thoughts on “Social Media Launch for Pilot! Coffee anyone?

  1. Shaun Fulco says:

    The Pilot “House” blend is my favorite! Every weekend my son and I head to our local Pilot store for our morning coffee (and sometimes during the week following dinner). In fact, it’s become a community tradition of sorts. If you want to say hello to neighbors, teachers and friends in our community, stop by the Pilot store. There’s always a gathering of people at the coffee counter fixing coffee and chatting about family, work, the upcoming events of the day. The employees in the store know just about everyone by name, just as we know them. Love our Pilot and especially love our Pilot coffee!

  2. Cynthia Moxley says:

    Lynsay: Congrats on the Facebook page and the coffee launch in general. We’ve sent all our followers and friends to your new page with the incentive of free coffee! It seems to be working! What fun!

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