A little humor from the New Yorker

New Yorker Cartoon

I was trying to clean up my messy desk a little today.  The ringing in of a new year made me think my desk needed a bit of a fresh start.  I never know how to organize many of my items.  I always make a “Miscellaneous” file, and by the end of a clean-up, that’s the biggest file of them all.  So, I’m furiously working to enact some order on my desk when I run across my 2009 New Yorker Cartoons desk calendar.  I picked it up randomly at a book store at the end of 2008 thinking it might be a way to add a little humor to each day.  Well, by the 2nd or 3rd week of 2009, it had become my favorite part of each morning.  I couldn’t wait to see what cartoon was up next.  I would be reading my inbox first thing in the morning sipping coffee and think, “Oh wait! I haven’t seen the cartoon for today yet!”  I’d have to stop what I was doing and pull the next page.  If you aren’t familiar with many New Yorker Cartoons, I highly recommend you peruse a few.  I know my nearby office mates had to start wondering what I was laughing at every morning at 8:15am.  Kimberly next door got used to hearing me laugh, and I’d see her pop in from time to time during my morning chuckle to see what the cartoon was for the day.  If I thought someone in the office would particularly like a cartoon of the day, I would photocopy it for them and leave it quietly (or mischievously, which ever way you look at it) in their mail box.  People started catching on that it was me after a while. 

Well, as the year went on getting busier and busier, I didn’t keep up with pulling off each day as routinely. I would go 2 or 3 days before realizing I was missing out on my cartoon.  Today as I picked up the calendar the last date it rested on was December 23rd.  So I looked through each page left in the year and landed on the one cartoon at the beginning of this post.  It provided a good laugh for me today as I am quite partial to the canines. 🙂

What funny things provide you with a laugh throughout your workday? I’m always looking for some backup sources.


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