Purchasing my first home!

Seriously, who would have thought there is so much that goes into purchasing real estate?  Searching the MLS for hours to find the right house, visiting houses, making an offer, then the counter offer, then another counter offer, inspections, home repairs, scouring files for documents for the lender, waiting, waiting, a little more waiting, then a rush to tie all the loose ends, and finally signing about a million papers.  After a few weeks into this process, I told myself I had to blog about it just because of the shear volume of information one must rapidly learn to keep up.  Not only that,  but I wanted to share a few people who have made my life and this process that much easier through their helpfulness and expert knowledge.   

First: The Advisor
The foundation for many of my financial decisions has rested heavily with the expert financial planning advice I received through a local group Resource Advisory Services.  I just so happen to share a connection with one of their NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisors, Bryan Hankla, as he is my brother-in-law.  For me that means I get to ask him financial questions anytime, even during holidays!  Bryan has always gone out of his way to help me plan for my future and really teach me about considering the whole picture and long term goals.  As a newbie to big financial decisions, he has always been able to explain things to me where I really understand them. That philosophy is found throughout Resource Advisory Services.  J. David Lewis, the President of Resource Advisory Services, sets the tone for the company as an educator and true resource for their clients and blog readers.  I am a habitual reader of their blog and email newsletters where David writes on a variety of financial topics from planning for retirement to sharing your wealth through charitable contributions.  One of my favorite things I’ve heard David say is that he wanted to revamp their website, blog, and overall company message with the focus of creating an online space for clients to get to know them and their culture before they even meet.  He wants them to know that Resource Advisory Services is the right place to help with their financial goals.  I am so unbelievably thankful for their consistent advice and guidance for my financial decisions, especially the process of purchasing my first home.  It can be quite nerve racking if you are new to this process, but I felt completely secure and confident the whole way with them by my side.  I sincerely thank you, Resource Advisory Services.

 Second: The Realtor
Heading up the expert real estate guidance for the “Lynsay Caylor: First Time Home Buyer Team” was none other than Ms. Suzy Trotta.  From the get-go, she has been awesome to work with.  As an active blogger on Knoxville real estate, I knew she knew her stuff in the field.  Even still, as we sat down to write my first offer on a house (which ended up not being the one I finally purchased), she went through each piece line by line explaining it all to me.  She was so patient with me even though it took almost 2 hours for it all!  It was a tumultuous go around with the first seller as we were often left waiting, but Suzy would always send a quick text or email to keep me updated even if it was that she hadn’t heard anything yet.  I thought that was awesome.  I didn’t have to go chasing her down which I’ve heard other friends mention with their realtors.  Oftentimes, I felt like I had very silly questions or didn’t understand the meaning of a certain term.  Suzy was great at explaining and thankfully never patronizing.  I wholeheartedly thank you and appreciate all you’ve done, Suzy! Plus she brought me a delicious strawberry cupcake at closing. So good!

 I have felt very lucky to work with such great people while purchasing my first home.  After packing for three weeks, now all I have left to do is actually move!  I’m very much looking forward to sitting out on my new back deck with a fire and a great cup of coffee. I’m pretty sure the deck is the thing that drew me into the house in the first place. So here’s to a new chapter in life – my house!


6 thoughts on “Purchasing my first home!

  1. kyriejai says:

    Great post Lynsay! Purchasing a home for the first time is very nerve racking. I’m glad you had great people to help you through the process. It’s so important to have people on your team that you trust and can turn to for advice. That way you’re always making the best choices for yourself.

  2. Cortney Coleman says:

    Nice Blog! I’m going through this very process right now. Just finished recovering from my first offer which was rejected! OUCH!!!! Oh well, I do suppose there are others meant for me out there.

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