Words of Encouragement from Yoga Practice

At the end of my yoga class Tuesday evening, our instructor Shanti shared something with us that I haven’t stopped thinking about since then. We always spend a few minutes at the end of class to share a cup of wonderfully aromatic tea together, ask any questions we may have about the practice of yoga or any poses we did in class, and to share any thoughts we may have.  We were discussing how yoga works best when it is part of a daily practice. Shanti went on to say that “yoga is about coming back into yourself and releasing tension in the mind and body so that you may peacefully rest within yourself.  So often we look for out of body experiences for whatever it is we need in life, but true wholeness is when you may fully rest within yourself. When you can be present in yourself and peacefully okay with that. All day long we give ourselves away in whatever it is that we do. We need the daily practice to bring us back to our centered, peaceful self.” Of course, I paraphrased a little with her words, but that was along the lines of what she spoke on.  I found those few simple thoughts to be powerfully enlightening.  When things get difficult or stressful in life, it’s easy to start running or just not dealing.  Over even just a few days time, that build up of stress can begin weighing heavily on your mind and your body with tension in your shoulders or back.  Most often we probably don’t even realize it’s been building until something major happens and then we start grasping at anything that will bring comfort.  However, this is a reminder (for me at least) that when things are difficult in life, I still must always come back to self, to the present, looking inward to what lies there.  Of course, that doesn’t mean that I can solve everything on my own and that I don’t need people.  The fibers of our being are made up by the relationships we have in life.  But it is a gentle reminder that I must not neglect my present self and what my body is trying to tell me. It has brought me a lot of peace, and I wish the same peace for all people everywhere today.  Namaste.


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