Paleo update: cooking in bulk

So last week was my first non-I-love-paleo-so-much-skipping-through-the-fields-happy experience. I came down with somewhat of a cold which started by me sneezing uncontrollably last Thursday. I felt bad for my office mates because of all the “bless you”s I received that day. It got worse from there day by day throughout the weekend. I could barely think on a normal level because my head was so foggy and the Benadryl hangover didn’t help either. So, I had to conserve all of my energy on things I really need to think about: work. I didn’t want to have to think about food at all, especially not cooking. And when you’re eating paleo, picking a restaurant isn’t just a simple task. Now I have to try to remember what’s on the menu to think if I’ll get a really satisfying, well-balanced meal for my money. Needless to say, I didn’t feel like putting in that extra time and energy. I just wanted some comfort food.

While I didn’t go totally nuts on food, I ate a few things that I wasn’t happy about writing in my food journal later, such as those 3 margaritas (on 2 separate occasions), bowl of chips, and a cupcake at my niece’s birthday. What I really disliked the most was my mindset. I felt as though I was food fatigued. It seemed a bit more like a chore for that short bit. However, I immediately felt the effects by my upset stomach. I knew I had to go back to doing a little planning for meals to have things ready for when I’m really tired. So Monday evening after CrossFit, I went ahead and cooked up 2 lbs. of chicken in just some olive oil, chili powder, cumin, and black pepper and chopped up a bunch of fresh vegetables from a friend’s garden. Since then, I’ve been able to just grab a bit of chicken and some veggies for a lunch time salad or sauté it up for dinner. Ahhh….cooking in bulk does wonders for the mind.


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