The best ever paleo smoothie

Mornings have been the most difficult to find an easy, fulfilling paleo breakfast. Sure on the weekends, it’s easy to scramble a few eggs and bacon with a side of berries, but that’s not such an easy task when you’ve got to be in the office at 8am. This past week, I asked the Twitterverse to recommend some great paleo smoothies. Within a few minutes, I had 4 different recommendations all with fairly similar ingredients – fruit, coconut milk, paleo nut butter, eggs, whey, and avocado. I myself had heard lots of paleos eating almond butter or drinking coconut milk, but this was not something I had ventured into just yet. My determination for a great smoothie pushed me to try it. Earthfare carries all kinds of nut butters other than peanut (peanuts are actually legumes, so they are not paleo) – almond, cashew, hazelnut and coconut milk – currently there’s a coupon for $1 off their coconut milk attached to the half gallon carton.

Here’s the recipe for my current favorite paleo smoothie:
a cup of frozen berries
1 banana
2 tbsp almond butter
coconut milk filled up to ingredients in blender (about a cup or 1.5 cups)
a little crushed ice

I like for it to be really cold, so the frozen berries and little bit of ice help. I’ve had this smoothie the past 2 mornings in a row, and it has been delicious! Usually I’m starving by mid morning, but this has helped tremendously with that. Also, you can certainly add some eggs for a little extra protein, especially if you work  out in the mornings. Enjoy! And let me know of any great paleo smoothie recipes you come across. I’m always looking for recommendations.


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