Snacking the paleo way – my new favorite trail mix

For the most part, it’s easy now for me to find a paleo meal at a restaurant or whip something up at home. There are so many different lean meats and vegetable combinations to keep you changing it up often. However, the harder thing is finding a satisfying paleo snack. I have been surviving for several weeks now on bags of almonds and pecans or an apple that I keep with me. Eating the same thing days on end can definitely get old. Usually when people break from a set diet is when they are bored with what they are eating.

This weekend I decided to change up my snacks. I went to the Fresh Market at Western Plaza instead of Earth Fare where I normally go for produce, meats, nut butters and coconut milk. They both have a great selection of nuts, seeds and dried fruits, but I wanted a change from the usual. One thing that Fresh Market does well is pre-packaging many of their fresh nuts, seeds, and dried fruits into small containers. That makes it even easier than scooping into individual bags. I went down the line a few times and decided that a really good mix (a paleo trail mix) would do just the trick. I picked up small containers of each of the following (no salt or oil in any):

Roasted cashews
Sunflower seeds
Dried Cranberries

Each cost around $3 per small container – around $18 total.  At home, I combined a little of each into regular sized Ziploc bags, and I was able to make 3 packed bags of it. When I say packed bags, I mean they are almost too full to shake around. You have to shake gently to mix it up. It is a perfect combination especially with the little bits of dried cranberries that surprise you every once in a while.

On Sunday, this proved to be a great pre-movie snack, but you could definitely tote it along with you in a purse or really big pocket. I had a few handfuls before leaving the house to see “Salt” at the Regal Riviera – excellent movie by the way – and it held me over until dinner. In fact, I’m eating some right now. So when your diet starts to wear on you, switch it up! Don’t fall into old habits because it takes a little more effort to find something new. I bet there are plenty of other great snack ideas out there for me to discover, but don’t worry, when I find them I will definitely tell you about them.


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