East TN’s Best Awards are out – I’ve been nominated?

The annual Knoxville News Sentinel’s “Best of East TN” nominations are out. I’ve always loved this call for Knoxvillians and surrounding neighbors to come vote for their favorite places in town. Tomato Head has been a place where I’ve cast my vote for years. They really do have the “Best Pizza.” As I was perusing the categories this morning, I noticed something funny. Under the Entertainment category as “Best Local Tweeter” there’s a name I recognize – Lynsay Caylor.  I did a figurative “double-take” of my computer screen.  I’ve been nominated? Holy cow, definitely didn’t expect that one!  There’s my name next to others in town who seem to visit everything possible that Knoxville could offer, and then tweet about it on what seems a 24/7 basis. Whereas I on the other hand find myself tweeting here and there when something piques my interest or is something I find really, really funny. As shocked as I am, I feel honored to be nominated because that means at least one person finds my tweets interesting enough. So thank you to whoever in the Twitterverse actually threw my name in the hat. Your kindness is pretty cool.  And to anyone who may actually vote for me, you’re pretty cool too. You can vote here for all of the great categories in “East TN’s Best.” And if you want to see what all the hoop-la is about, check out @lynsaycaylor on Twitter – guess I better step up my game now.


2 thoughts on “East TN’s Best Awards are out – I’ve been nominated?

  1. Frank Murphy says:

    Congratulations Lynsay!

    During the nomination process, I promised a friend that I would vote for him as Best Local Tweeter and he promised to vote for me as Best Local Blogger. I didn’t think I would also get a nomination in the Tweeter category. So do I vote for him, me or you?

  2. lynsaycaylor says:

    Thanks Frank! And congratulations to you too, and your friend. I say we all vote for each other! It’s fun just to be nominated. As you can see, I was shocked to see my name. I thought there must be a typo. I do enjoy your tweets. You crack me up!

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