4 Reasons You Should CrossFit & Eat Paleo

My hiatus from blogging paleo status updates is unfortunately driven by my lack of focus on this area of my life as of late. I got busy, really busy, and let eating well and working out fall by the wayside. We’ve all heard this before, the same sad excuse. However, I refuse to let this be one of those admissions. Rather, I would like to show what “falling off the wagon” has taught me.

1) Paleo eating/regular exercise keeps your mind balanced. I don’t know about you all, but when I eat sugar now, I’m fidgety, buzzing around everywhere, unable to calm down. If you’ve seen any of my tweets lately, you’ve seen how much I’ve talked about my beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte.  They are extremely delicious and addictive, but terrible on your body. I’ve been dealing with sugar highs and lows, and let me just say, they aren’t pretty. More than anything, it’s annoying and wreaks havoc on my “to do” list.

2) Paleo eating/regular exercise keeps your body balanced. I can always tell when I’m not up on my workout game. Sitting in a desk chair for 9-12 hours a day is pretty much your back and hips’ worst enemy. I’ve had new aches and pains over the last few weeks that normally aren’t there. These aches and pains are unwelcome rather than the Strategic Muscle Soreness (yes, that’s the new SMS) that you get from working out (aka CrossFitting).

3) Paleo eating/regular exercise keeps your digestive system balanced. It is uncanny how much I can tell a difference when I’ve been eating paleo or not.  The bloating and fatigue that comes from non-paleo eating is exhausting. The times when I non-paleo the most are when I’m on the go and in a hurry. Fast food options just won’t get you what you need energy wise. Bring on the spinach!!

4) Paleo eating/regular exercise keeps your dog happy. Yes, I said it….your dog. Okay, let me rephrase. Paleo eating/regular exercise keeps your sleeping balanced, and if you happen to be someone who let’s your adorable dog sleep with you, then you know how much happier your dog is when you’re not kicking him/her all over the place at night. I know Carmella is a much happier camper when she gets her full 8 hours. But seriously, in one night, I got up 4 different times switching back and forth between the couch and my bed all night. That is insane and should not be repeated. I blame the Krystal Club Chik on that evening of limited rest.

In conclusion, my analysis shows this: Paleo + CrossFit = Happy Lynsay (and Carmella). Glad to be back on the wagon.


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