Paleo Challenge Day 1

CrossFit Ktown has been holding Paleo Challenges for the past few years. The before & after pictures alone are enough to sell this challenge to anyone. So this time around, I decided to take them up on the challenge. I am now officially in this 10-week “race to get fit” by eating a paleo diet and CrossFitting regularly.

So more on the challenge…for 10 weeks each participant has to keep a food log of what they eat (not how much). We record what we eat, any supplements we take, and how we feel overall particularly with regards to sleep and workout performance. We take before & after pictures which are the sole basis for judging. The coaches pick the top 5 male and female participants, then the participants actually vote on the winner from those top 5. Winner gets 3 free months of unlimited gym time – pretty sweet deal.

I have to say that I am so excited about the challenge, I’m even shocking myself. This weekend I spent a lot of my time looking up paleo recipes to put in my new cookbook, making out menus & shopping lists, scouring Wal-Mart for lots-o-tupperware, and trying out a few new recipes. I can already say that this will be the best tasting diet challenge ever. Just this weekend, I have made an abundance of delicious foods including a spicy chicken salad with bacon, homemade mayo & tuna salad, omelet muffins with bacon & salsa, green smoothies, and the perfect paleo margarita. (Yes! There’s a margarita for that!)

I think the challenge will be a great way for me to really stick to a 100% paleo diet even if just for the reason of seeing how different I feel versus now. I actually started on Saturday with 100% paleo, and I’m already feeling awesome. I plan to post on my progress just to see where this challenge will take me, so stay tuned!


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