Paleo Challenge Day 15

We’re now a full two weeks into the challenge. I honestly thought this was going to be so much harder than it has been. This past week, an interesting thing happened that has made me fall in love with paleo all over again. On Wednesday I woke up and wasn’t really hungry, so I decided to skip breakfast. I normally have to eat something of substance by 10am or I become ravenous. However, this did not happen, nor did I feel overly hungry at lunch. I ate a small portion of grilled chicken and asparagus, a much smaller portion than my usual. I was surprised to be full on such a small amount and stayed full until dinner where I had another small portion of chicken fajitas (no tortillas of course). I started wondering if there was something up as I still didn’t have a huge appetite throughout the next day either. I always notice when anything seems different, so I kept it in the back of my mind.

On Thursday, I took my paleo food journal into the gym to get checked by one of the coaches (we have to have it signed every week to be in the challenge).  Jessie noticed where I wrote down “not much of an appetite today” and asked me about it. I think her words were more like, “So you haven’t been feeling as hungry this week?” I was overjoyed she asked me because I had noticed a difference. So I replied, “Yea, is that normal?” She immediately shook her head emphatically up and down explaining that with paleo, once you begin controlling your insulin you don’t have those huge jumps and crashes with your blood sugar. You are satiated for longer when you are eating high quality foods low on the glycemic index. You actually are full, but a lot of times, simple carbs can make you still feel hungry. It’s the same effect of eating a whole box of cereal and still feeling hungry an hour later. Eating paleo makes you not want to over eat or see the need in over eating. The fullness is a different type of full. You start to eat to fuel your body rather than treat your mind.

This fundamental switch in my approach to food began showing me how some of my connections to food were not in my best interest. Relying on food to fill a certain part of your day or relying on it to satisfy you gives food more weight and control than it should have.  I’ve learned that you do not have to be a slave to food or food cravings. People ask me all the time if eating paleo is hard and if I ever have cravings for things. I can honestly say that if I do, it’s rare and often not in the ways it used to be.  I eat food that makes me feel good, and I’ve become addicted to it. Another added bonus is that in two weeks, I have somehow misplaced 5 lbs. of body weight. Well, I haven’t been able to locate it, but I’m guessing it’s back there with all the breads, sugars, and everything else I used to eat. 🙂


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