Paleo Challenge Day 22

Maintenance has been the word on my mind today. I like Mark Sisson’s philosophy on diet and working out – it must be something that you can maintain throughout your life. Eating a paleo diet does mean giving up some foods you’ve probably eaten most of your life. However, at the same time it introduces you to a whole new world of foods you never thought you’d like eating on a regular basis. My favorite snacks now are almond butter or salsa on celery, raw carrots, green smoothies, and any foods with turmeric, chili powder, or saratcha hot sauce.

That doesn’t mean I don’t still miss other foods. Some in particular for me are corn tortilla chips and summer treats like ice cream. These are neither one terrible things to eat (there are always worse things), so having a “treat” every once in a while is an option. More than anything though is that you don’t want to “treat” yourself every day. Some people are okay with having one thing here and there, and others have to go cold turkey or it’s an avalanche. On any other diet, I feel like I was in the avalanche boat, but with paleo, it’s a lot easier to have one of something and be done. I wanted ice cream so bad this past Sunday. It was hot outside, and I had just gotten done playing 9 holes of golf. Okay let’s just get it all out in the open – I chased my ball around for 9 holes.  So we decided to break for a treat and get some ice cream. After about 1/3 of the scoop I got, I was done. It was so sweet, I literally got tired of eating it. I’m pretty sure I have NEVER left a bowl of ice cream uneaten in my life.

All I could think about was “is this the very BEST thing I could be eating right now?” I think that’s the way I have to look at food now. Sure, it’s easy to find things that aren’t terrible to eat, but what about the absolute best things you could eat? How much better would you feel after eating those best things? It’s interesting how your palette starts to change. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy my food, but I enjoy it for more than just the taste.


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