Caveman Cookies and Larabars

Recently I have stumbled across some new paleo treats that I wanted to share. I have been preparing for vacation (out of the country) and looking for some snacks I could take that would be packable and a good alternative to a non-paleo meal I may be presented. Both of these you’d want to eat in moderation, but after trying them this past week, I’m happy to say that they are delicious paleo treats that you don’t have to cook!

Caveman Cookies

A friend of mine passed along the Caveman Cookies website to me, so of course I had to buy some. I went ahead and got all three flavors to test them out.

My favorite is the Original. It tastes similar to an oatmeal raisin cookie, just not nearly as sweet. This is actually a plus as your taste buds become more sensitive when you cut out sugar on the paleo diet. The Tropical were also delicious with a sweet coconut flavor. The Alpine are definitely named well as a winter treat with their hazelnutiness.

Beyond the cookies tasting great, the online purchase experience was top notch. I replied to the order confirmation email I received when I realized that it didn’t give me the discount they were advertising on their Facebook page, and someone emailed me back almost immediately to say they had changed the total for my order. Very nice people making some delicious cookies.


I posted on my Facebook wall that I had discovered Larabars and that they were “Flippin awesome…..and paleo friendly,” only to be quickly warned by one of the lovable CrossFit Ktown coaches to be careful with these. You really do have to look at which ones you get. The Apple Pie and Blueberry Muffin seem to be two of the lowest in sugar content which is from a natural source, but you definitely want to eat in moderation. These bars are all natural made from fruit and nuts. I picked up the Apple Pie kind at a local Target and was pleasantly surprised by how good and filling they are.


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