My favorite apps to stay organized

My 2013 resolution this year was to create a simpler life. I have discovered that simple = zen = happiness (for me at least!) I am a morning person. I love my sleep, and I love my daily routine. All of those things – morning time, sleep, daily routine – all come into jeopardy when I feel as though my life isn’t organized. The way I want to eat and the exercise I want to do means I have to plan those as well. I’d imagine that there are many people with busy schedules that feel this too.


So, I thought I’d share with you the apps that I use on a regular (daily, weekly, or monthly) basis to keep my life organized and my head clear.


Google DocsOrganizational App #1 – Google Docs

I have my entire life transcribed in Google Docs. My monthly personal financial budgets that my husband and I both work from to stay in the loop.  My workout schedule. My personal/side projects wish list. Recipes. Meal planning. My work projects & calendars. And my entire marketing/social media calendar is on a giant Google Doc spreadsheet.

Why I love Google Docs – I can get to it all the time, from any computer or device. Plus there’s the added benefit of getting to share it with other people who need the same info.



Organizational App #2 – TeuxDeux

I heard about this app at SXSW this year during a session with Tina Roth Eisenberg aka SwissMiss. There is a small yearly fee to use the app, but it’s the best $24 I’ve ever spent. The app has two main sections. The top is by day of the week always showing you the current day on the left side with future days proceeding to the right. On each line, you type out what you need to get done that day. You have the option to actually cross it out once you’ve completed it. However, should you not complete it, it automatically pushes forward to the next day on your calendar by the morning.

The bottom section is set up to create project lists with a title and then subsequent actions. Works the same way as the top where you can cross things out.

Why I love TeuxDeux – I rarely ever forget small tasks or follow-ups anymore. When I’m in a meeting, I can grab my phone, click on the TeuxDeux app, and type away. It’s the first thing I open every morning when I get to the office to see what I’m starting with for the day. I have never felt more organized to the minute detail level.


EvernoteOrganizational App #3 – Evernote

I’ve been using Evernote probably the longest. It’s essentially a note taking app. I am the resident scribe in most of my meetings simply because I won’t remember the conversation if I don’t write everything down.

Why I love Evernote – Syncs with everything – iPad, iPhone, and computer. Tags are awesome! It allows you to tag each note for easy searching. You can also email right from the app. For me, that means I can email meeting notes to the group within minutes of closing the meeting. Productivity madness!


These may not be the coolest apps around, but they are tried and true ones that I use everyday. I am always looking for new options too! Please feel free to share in the comments any organizational (or other) apps you love and why. Namaste, friends.


4 thoughts on “My favorite apps to stay organized

  1. Glenneth says:

    I LOVE Evernote as well. Use it both personally and professionally. I keep everything there – the code to our clubhouse, details on car service, notes from my studying.

    I haven’t heard of TeuxDeux, but am going to be checking them out. I have been using Remember The Milk as a todo list for about 3 years.

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