Pyxl: A New Chapter in My Life

I came across this quote recently and am continuing to realize just how true it really is.

“Nothing is ever the same once you discover your true purpose, your calling. The complexion of daily life and of work changes. You are able to draw on reservoirs of energy and inspiration that you did not even know existed within you.” – Conscious Capitalism, Mackey & Sisodia

When people ask how I ended up in digital marketing, I have to say that I sort of just fell into it. Back in 2008, I was elated to have landed my first “real” job after graduating from UT. What started off as a little research into social media turned into a new department at Pilot and me at the helm steering a massive ship. You could have picked my jaw up off the floor the day my boss told me the news that I was about to create and run something brand new for the company. I honestly thought I’d just be part of the team providing a helping hand.

Here we are 5 years later, and I honestly can’t believe all the amazing things I’ve been part of. Building new websites, turning customer feedback into real, actionable insights, and building out digital marketing plans to not only reach out to new customers but to also energize and encourage current ones – these are just a few of those fun things. Somewhere along the way, I realized my true and deep passion for digital marketing. I love building and bringing to life a great plan that not only excites the company but also its customers. I think relationships between companies and customers are the same as with others in life. It takes time, openness, true listening and honesty to create them.

pyxl logoAll of this brings me to a new chapter in my life. As of October 14th, I am now the newest member of the Pyxl, Inc. team! Pyxl has been a strategic partner to Pilot since 2010 with our initial project of redesigning the main website following the company’s largest merger to date.  What started off as one project, has grown to a thriving, integrated and strategic team (that also loves working together!).

Pyxl is a growing company. In fact, Pxyl made the Inc. 5000 list this year as one of the country’s fastest growing companies! With all of this growth, Pyxl has decided to open its third US office (location still yet to be determined!) in March 2014. I am taking a position as Pyxl’s Entrepreneur in Residence. After some mentoring, learning the biz and certainly some shenanigans with the fabulous Pyxl crew, I’ll be doing my absolute favorite thing all day every day – building relationships as the Managing Director of the third office. Woohoo!

Born and raised here in Knoxville, TN, this place will always be my home no matter where life takes me. This is an incredible place to grow up, work, play, and live. I wish nothing but the best for this great city!

As excited as I am to take on this new challenge, I will always cherish the time I’ve had at such an amazing company. The heart and soul of Pilot rests within the many amazing people that work there. Many of whom I am privileged to call friends. They are some of the hardest working people with the biggest hearts. I have loved every minute of the last 6 years with you all.

So thank you all for letting me be part of your lives.

May you be filled with loving kindness.

May you be well.

May you be peaceful and at ease.

May you be happy.

(ancient tibetan buddhist blessing)


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