What can I say about myself? I always find About Me’s to be a bit awkward. “Hey! Let me tell you all kinds of stuff about myself.” Ok, well, here goes.

I have a few passions in life. They are – in no particular order – yoga, the beautiful, great outdoors – hiking, climbing, kayaking, snowshoeing, paddle boarding, backpacking, bike riding, digital marketing, paleo/primal lifestyle, cooking, books, music, and minimalism. I’m a podcast/audiobook enthusiast. I love movies – old, new, comedies, dramas, musicals. I’m addicted to trying new things.

By day, I spend my time as a digital marketing strategist. I’ve been on the corporate side, the agency side and then back on the corporate side. I’ve been a social media community moderator, blogger, email marketing strategist, website manager, lead generation campaign creator, inbound marketer, customer event/trade show planner, marketing automation administrator, business development director, webinar hostess, consumer insights curator, speaker, teacher – pretty much any and all things digital. It’s my jam.

When I’m not strategizing, I’m most often teaching or practicing yoga or on a long walk with the furry love of my life, Carmella, and a good audiobook in my headphones.

You can also find me here:




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