Workout Tip: Roll out!

Thank you @Pinterest for my daily dose of inspiration yet again. 🙂 I came across this picture coincidentally enough after visiting our gym here at the office to do a little rolling out.  Getting back into the swing of heavy lifting, I’m feeling some soreness throughout my hips, butt, thighs, and traps. Rolling out is the best thing (besides yoga) that I have ever found to help break up that lactic acid build up.

So today’s tip is to get yourself a foam roller & tennis or lacrosse ball to keep with you at home or at the office to roll out when you have a few extra minutes. Today I popped down to the gym right after lunch and spent about 15 minutes just rolling around. It has done wonders for my afternoon productivity. Listen to your body… always tells you what you need.


Daily Inspiration: Paleo Diet Flowchart

Today’s dose of inspiration comes from my beloved CrossFit gym – CrossFit K-town. This was a post on their Facebook page today showing how easy it is to follow the paleo diet. This is the diet I have been subscribing to for the last 18 months and has done wonders for my overall health, weight management, digestion, sleep, cognitive function…..the list goes on and on. Enjoy! (Also, feel free to ask me any questions you have about paleo, clean eating, or anything involved in health and wellness. I love any and everything to do with this stuff!)

The Year of Health

2012 is starting off strong with great food and great workouts. I have given this year it’s official hashtag #yearofhealth2012 because of how strongly I feel committed to give 110% to my health and wellness goals this year.  I’ve made it simple: just stick to the things I know are good and make me FEEL good. Eating breakfast, 100% strict paleo, CrossFit & Yoga 2-3 times a week each, and keeping a daily journal of what I eat and how I feel. Most days I’ve been seeking out some motivation for sticking to my wellness goals. Pinterest has proven to be an excellent source for such inspiration.

Here is today’s dose of inspiration via @Pinterest. Sometimes it’s hard to get yourself to the gym. Just keep telling yourself that each time you go makes a BIG difference. When in doubt…


Pinterest: The funniest thing you’ll do all day

I remember the day I received the polite invitation from a friend. “Lynsay, you HAVE to get on Pinterest!” What would come from that innocent email invitation I was not prepared for. After 7 minutes, I felt like I had just taken the “other pill” in the Matrix (I can’t remember if it’s the green or the blue pill or even if those are the colors.) One thing I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt was that life as I knew it would never be the same. I was in love…and I couldn’t stop pinning.

Pinterest needs no introduction, no tutorials, and there is no new lingo to learn. Let’s face it, the reason why so many people flee from Twitter is because we use words that are completely irrational in normal everyday conversation – tweet, hashtag, 140 characters. It’s basically like learning a foreign language. But Pinterest is so damn user-friendly, once you’re on it, you’re stuck. It’s like Fight Club, just instead of brawny men with no shirts on, you’ve got DIY crafts and party planning ideas to keep you gluing stuff together until 4 in the morning.

Just today a new thought occurred to me as to why people love Pinterest with such a passion. It’s like being in a huge, freaking flea market and finding the perfect stuff you’ve always been looking for. It excites the antiquer in all of us to rummage through 1,000s of photos to find something you really like. Well, for me today, I stumbled upon some images that made me laugh to my core. The source of this laughter is of course rooted into one of the funniest inside jokes I’ve ever been privy to. For those of you on the “outside” (as we must refer to you in situations like this), I will retell the story for you through pictures.


Once upon a time…..

On a lovely, dark evening nestled in the mountainside of a little village in Guatemala, lived a group of American yogis. They were euphoric with the amount of yoga practice since traveling to this small village and were delighting in the local flavors of the region (ah hem….margaritas that is). Around the dinner table, one such individual emerged as an entertainer for the group and began imitating a T-Rex throughout the evening. She would try to pick up her glass or open a package with her tiny little arms. The group roared with laughter at her simple tasks! They could not believe how funny T-Rex’s could be! So from henceforth, she was know to all those there as “T-Rex” and would imitate what a T-Rex would do in any situation with which they were presented.

Here is a picture of T-rex in downward facing dog:

Here is a picture of T-rex texting her friends:

As you can see, T-Rex can do many of the things we all do. However, they aren’t without their own set of struggles.

If you’re not familiar with the struggles of the T-rex species, let this be an awareness for you all. The great Pinterest has provided us with some more information on these lovely creatures and the struggles they face in their daily lives.

T-rex working out

T-rex singing songs with the other kids

T-rex falling in love

So as you can see, there are so many things one can love and learn through Pinterest. Hope you’ve enjoyed my little story for today.

Happy Pinning! 🙂

Connections are Powerful

It was back in 2008 when I really started reading blogs on a daily basis. One of the first social media blogs I stumbled upon was Gwen Bell. I still remember the cute avatar she used at the time when I started reading about her life as a yogi and social media practitioner. At the time, I was just developing my own understanding of the power of social media, the connections that can be made through the social web, and how it changes all of our lives and businesses. I didn’t realize it at the time, but Gwen writing about her experience provided a resource for me as I developed and grew into my role as a social media practitioner. (I think the word practitioner is much better suited than the words often paired with someone whose primary job/career/position is social media for business such as guru, expert, etc. )

Randomly a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon Gwen’s blog again. I noticed then that things had been changing for her. She had written a book and was now sharing “letters” with those who wanted to read her writing. I felt inspired. Here was someone who was using social media in such a profound way. I realized then how much her writing had meant to me over the years. How much I related to her as a yogi, her introspective thinking and continual search of balance in life. It takes effort to turn off the news feed even more so than it does to turn it on.

I decided then to write her a short note, thanking her for putting the time in she did to share her experience with the web. I wrote because I wanted to and not because I expected to receive anything in return. I know what it’s like to be busy and have an inbox constantly exploding with messages. However, to my surprise not too long after, I received a very kind and in “Gwen Bell fashion” reply to my message. In that note, she asked if it was cool for her to post an excerpt of my original message on her website for new-comers to the site.  I grinned from ear to ear while reading. You can see that post here on

Seeing my name on someone else’s digital life work showed me just how powerful social web connections really can be.  We all are connected. Really connected. It’s one of the most exciting things to watch those connections take shape and even more so to see what unfolds from there.

So what about you? What connections in your life via the social web or IRL have impacted you? (I think these are my favorite stories to read. Inspiration…. right from the source. )

My paleo staples

After reading Mark Sisson’s post “How Important Is Food Variety,” inevitably it made me think about my regular paleo eats and how often I have to switch it up to ward off food boredom.  I do believe that food boredom is something everyone experiences whether you stick to a particular diet plan or if you eat willy nilly as well as if you eat out a lot or cook at home. Growing up, my family ate out a lot, so we would eat at the same restaurants within in fairly small radius. I continued eating in that fashion even after I ventured out on my own. I worked in restaurants through high school & college and usually brought home leftovers, so cooking for myself consisted of grilled cheese, french toast, soup out of a can and eggs. I may be the exception more than the rule here as going primal opened up a whole new world of food options for me. I also cook more meals now than ever before, and by “cook” I mean actually cook with pots and pans, usually from scratch & without involving the microwave.

Crazy thing is, my life certainly hasn’t gotten any less hectic in the last year, but I’m able to find the time to cook more. I think my “usual paleo eats” have a lot to do with this. I have refined my favorite paleo foods and found ways to make them even simpler. And it’s your lucky day because I will share them all with you! (Note: It is likely that you will not share the EXACT SAME tastes as me, so please modify as you see fit.)


My morning staples are usually coffee and either  a smoothie or leftovers. The key to a good smoothie is a good blender. My favorite is the Ninja, partly because of the name, partly because it’s a blending badass.

Here are my favorite smoothie ingredients:

A combination of fresh and frozen berries (strawberries & blueberries are my favs)

Unsweetened So Delicious coconut milk (from the cold section at the grocery store)

Fresh ground almond butter (just almonds, no oil or salt)

I’ve tried coconut milk from a can and find it disgusting in a smoothie. I have tried every type of berry possible, but the sweeter berries usually work out the best. There are a lot of almond butters out there that have all kinds of crazy oils added to them. Therefore, I just stick to the freshly ground stuff from Earthfare. I think it tastes the best too.


With so many varieties, you can’t really go wrong with a salad. Leave off the cheese (unless you get some raw milk cheese) and throw on some oil & vinegar or lemon and you’re set!

Here is a list of my favorite salads when going out:

Panera – Greek salad with grilled chicken or Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad

Bravo – New Balsamico Chicken Cobb Salad – leave off the cheese & pasta strips

Gourmet Market – Greek salad with grilled chicken or Market Salad with grilled chicken, their tuna salad is also pretty rockin’.

Lenny’s – Grilled Chicken Philly Salad w/ everything but no cheese

Dinner Specialties

Dinner is where I will mix it up a bit. I always cook with organic grass-fed or pasture raised meats. Most often I choose a grass-fed helping of ground sirloin or pasture raised chicken. Spices are what make these meals great. I most often use chili powder, fresh garlic, sea salt, ground pepper, red pepper flakes, dill, oregano, tumeric, cumin, or cinnamon. You can’t really go wrong with dashing your food with spices. I try to keep cooking simple by always having good veggies on hand like spinach, brussel sprouts, broccoli, celery, or asparagus. I’ve finally learned it’s more important to use REALLY good ingredients than spending 1-2 hours on a really fancy dish. You wear yourself out trying to cook like that all the time.

Caveman Cookies and Larabars

Recently I have stumbled across some new paleo treats that I wanted to share. I have been preparing for vacation (out of the country) and looking for some snacks I could take that would be packable and a good alternative to a non-paleo meal I may be presented. Both of these you’d want to eat in moderation, but after trying them this past week, I’m happy to say that they are delicious paleo treats that you don’t have to cook!

Caveman Cookies

A friend of mine passed along the Caveman Cookies website to me, so of course I had to buy some. I went ahead and got all three flavors to test them out.

My favorite is the Original. It tastes similar to an oatmeal raisin cookie, just not nearly as sweet. This is actually a plus as your taste buds become more sensitive when you cut out sugar on the paleo diet. The Tropical were also delicious with a sweet coconut flavor. The Alpine are definitely named well as a winter treat with their hazelnutiness.

Beyond the cookies tasting great, the online purchase experience was top notch. I replied to the order confirmation email I received when I realized that it didn’t give me the discount they were advertising on their Facebook page, and someone emailed me back almost immediately to say they had changed the total for my order. Very nice people making some delicious cookies.


I posted on my Facebook wall that I had discovered Larabars and that they were “Flippin awesome…..and paleo friendly,” only to be quickly warned by one of the lovable CrossFit Ktown coaches to be careful with these. You really do have to look at which ones you get. The Apple Pie and Blueberry Muffin seem to be two of the lowest in sugar content which is from a natural source, but you definitely want to eat in moderation. These bars are all natural made from fruit and nuts. I picked up the Apple Pie kind at a local Target and was pleasantly surprised by how good and filling they are.